Latifah Makuyi

 Lead youth worker

Latifah joined the team in September 2016. Fresh into this role from a gap year with Scripture Union on the Isle of Man, she has a real passion to see young people today become the strong, passion-filled Christian leaders that tomorrows world needs. 

She’s a big fan of tea, socks and watching films so bad, they’re good. In her in spare time Latifah is also passionate about listening to, playing and writing music. With various musical instruments under her belt, she can never be found in silence.


Mell Camateras

Sessional youth worker

Mell joined the team in September 2017. She has lived in Sheffield for 20 years so not yet a local! She has a passion for serving young people and helping then find and develop their gifts. She has recently been authorised by the bishop of Sheffield as a Youth Minister.

Mell has usually got a craft project on the go and likes to tell bad jokes – really bad! Mell likes to find the adventure in everyday life. However, never ask her to tell you about when she was at sea.


Christine owens

Sessional youth worker

Christine joined the team in September 2017. She hails from Northern Ireland (or Norn Iron if you asked her) and moved to across the pond when she was 23 to study a degree in Youth and Community with CYM. She is passionate about seeing young people find their true identity in God.

She loves a film that makes you laugh till it hurts, running (ask her how she feels about bus stops…) and is partial to a delicious ice-cream, particularly honeycomb with a bucket of syrup drizzled on top!